Jun 28, 2023

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♻️Reusable Products♻️

♻️Try using laundry balls instead of dryer sheets.
♻️Instead of buying and using paper bags use a reusable container or buy yourself a cotton bag.
♻️Swap out your plastic wrap with reusable bowl covers or even Bee’s Wrap.

🌲Sustainable Paper🌲

🌲Print less and reduce your own use of paper.
🌲If you need to buy paper or toilet paper, look for a recycled paper option.
🌲You can also find paper made of bamboo or even from the byproducts of sugarcane production.

🌱Non-Toxic Cleaning Products🌱

🌱White vinegar is great for stain removal and can also be used instead of fabric softener.
🌱Hydrogen peroxide is also great for removing stains and marks but also is a great disinfecting alternative.
🌱Swap out a few cleaning products a month for Non-Toxic options or brands.
Life Cannabis Co. : A Sustainable Company
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